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Customs clearance

The company "Radius" is a licensed customs representative and renders the whole range of services on customs clearance of goods:

  • representation of customer's interests in customs;
  • implementation of export-import operations;
  • carrying out electronic goods declaration and vehicles at almost all customs posts of the Russian Federation;
  • Placement of goods for all types of customs procedures (release of goods for domestic consumption, export, internal customs transit, customs warehouse, temporary import, processing outside the customs territory of the Customs Union, re-export, etc.);
  • veterinary and phytosanitary support;
  • fulfillment of other actions required for the performance of customs control and customs clearance;
  • conducting settlement operations to determine the value of customs payments;
  • checking shipping documents;
  • consulting: selection of HS codes, information on the need to provide approval documents, customs value levels, etc .;
  • registration in the state bodies of acts, certificates, certificates of state registration, as well as other permits necessary for easy importing and exporting  of goods.

About the company

Free consultation

Employees of the company have a rich experience in the design of various product groups and knowledge of customs legislation and all changes in it. Contact us, the consultation is free of charge.

 The company "Radius" renders the whole range of services on logistics support and customs clearance.


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