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Warehouse services

Thanks to the availability of our own warehouses in Europe, the company "Radius" offers its customers services for storage, repackaging and consolidation of goods. We offer the most optimal prices and the shortest delivery time of consolidated cargo from Europe. We also have a warehouse in St. Petersburg, which stores the goods of our customers, carries overloads, sorting and other manipulations with the goods.

Often, if it is necessary to deliver the goods after customs clearance in the port of St. Petersburg to the far regions of the Russian Federation, we transfer cargoes from containers to tilt cars, which allows us to reduce the cost of transportation and not to incur additional costs for the use of containers from the lines. We also load consolidated cargo in the appropriate quantity of each cargo of the machine in the warehouse and send it to the final recipients.

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 The company "Radius" renders the whole range of services on logistics support and customs clearance.


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